Executive and stewards

2015 local 1599 executive

President 2 year term
Debbie Taylor Boissonneault
VPresident 1 year term
Clem Abaya
Treasure 2 year term
Mylene Homes
Secretary 1 year term
Andre Mulgada
Warden/benefit 2 year term
Lisa Chetwynd
Health&Safety 1 year term
Shelley Jensen

3 year Myrna Antonio
2 year Felino Padre
1 year Chris Palmer

Floor Reps
5North Debbie Boissonneault
4South (need)
4 East Shelly Jensen
3 North Amnu Barnabas
3 South Zalenie Khan Payette
2 South Bill Moore
House Keeping (need)
x-ray (need)
OR Clem Abya
ICU Suzanne Cesario-Sacco
ER Suzanne Vanderpole, Ed Corlette
Dietary (need)
Resources Jack Sellers
Hospice Norma Burkland
MDR Karlo Komusanac
Dispatch CSR Chris Palmer
Finance Mylene Sallilas
Staffing Loranna
Records Michelle
Shop Stewards
5 North Debbie Boissonneault
4 South Rhonda Chaboyer
4 East Shelly Jensen
3 North Debbie Boissonneault
Housekeeping Rhonda Chaboyer
x-ray Amado Bae
OR Amado Bae
ER Jack Sellers
Dietary Leanne Gardner
Resources Jack Sellers
Hospice Leanne Gardner
MDR Leanne Gardner
Dispatch CSR (need)
Finance Mylene
Admitting (need)
Staffing Jack Sellers
Records (need)
Heavy Workload Committee
Shelly Jensen
Amado Bae
Andre Mulgada
Violence in the Workplace Committee
Amnu Barnabas
Zalenie Khan Payette
Ed Corlette