General Meeting 8/24/16

CUPE 1599General Meeting Summary

Tiered Classroom

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


•5 outstanding members:

•3 are referred to arbitration

•2 policy grievances

•Survey Updates was posted earlier.

•Sign Up Shifts (6 weeks posted hours) – if you call in sick on finalize hours you should get paid as these are shifts you own.
•Some of the changes are just housekeeping to be inline with the constitution Money Gift donation need to be change as the national doesn’t approve.
•How some of the election are run changes.
•Please be advised that OR green scrub suits are for Operating Room staff use only. The employer is going to be questioning members why they are wearing them.

It was post in the new Grace vine West word.


•Also be advised that Employer checks your swipe card : There has been Theft of time problems this is one way the employer checks. Computer use is also checked as to what time and what you are doing ect

These are some of what happens to the membership when caught. Every time of theft is, handle different there is no if caught this is what will happen all depends on what and how much as to what the employer will impose



->Everyone caught has to Payback – due to Theft of Time
Once again the government has proclaimed

October 3 – 7, 2016 as Support Workers Week. A motion was made for: Support Workers’ Week Pizza & Pop for all the members.

Brought to you by the Winnipeg Labour Council

•March: Monday, September 5th at 1:30PM

Memorial Park (450 Broadway)

•Picnic: Monday, September 5th at 2:30PM – 4:30PM

Winnipeg Central Park (400 Cumberland Avenue)

•Free hot dogs, face painting & family entertainment.




•Report to the membership for the month of July.




•Christmas Party will be held at Victoria Inn on December 17, 2016, 6PM-1AM

•Tickets costs:

->$30 – members (refundable – only if the member attends)

->$30 – non- members (non- refundable)

->Deals & Discounts: $99/night plus taxes at Victoria Inn. Just tell them you’re part of the CUPE Party.

->Tickets will be available starting on October.
Know your right to refuse.
The right to refuse unsafe work is one of the three basic health and safety rights achieved by the labour movement, along with the right to know about the hazards in your workplace, and the right to participate in workplace health and safety decisions.

Procedures and circumstances around the right to refuse vary from province to province. Below you’ll find the steps you should take to refuse unsafe work in your jurisdiction.

Check out our fact sheet for more information on the right to refuse.

Order wallet-sized right to refuse cards for your local for free in our web store.

You have the legal right to a healthy and safe workplace.

As a worker in Manitoba you have the legal right to refuse unsafe work, according to Section 43 of the Workplace Safety and Health Act, when you believe that the work is dangerous to your health and safety or any other person.

Here’s how you can refuse unsafe work:

1. Notify your supervisor or the person in charge about your concern, and refuse the unsafe work.

2. The employer must remedy the problem immediately, or investigate along with a worker health and safety committee member or a worker health and safety representative, and take actions to remedy the dangerous situation.

3. If the dangerous situation is not remedied, you may continue to refuse to work. Any of the persons conducting the investigation may notify a government workplace safety and health officer to investigate. The officer must provide a written report of the findings and orders to you, the employer, and chairpersons of the workplace safety and health committee or its representative.

4. If these findings have not resolved the issue, you can appeal to the Manitoba Labour Board within 14 days of the order.

You cannot be threatened or discriminated against for complying with the legislation, according to section 42 of the act.
Thank you all that came out to the meeting. If you have any concerns and cannot make it to a meeting. Please do talk to one of the executives so we can bring this up at the meetings.


Next General Meeting: By-Law Amendments

Date: TBD