FYI 8/29/16

FYI the employer is going to start calling you on wearing the OR Scrubs.DID YOU KNOW?

Operating Room scrubs are only permitted for use in select areas of the hospital.

ere are only a few occasions whereby sta from other departments are permitted to wear surgical scrubs:

• Uniform soiled during process of providing

patient care Employee is required to enter a secured area (eg. Operating room)

Surgical scrubs are not permitted just because:

• It is casual Friday

• It is the weekend

• My uniforms are all dirty and I didn’t have time to do laundry

• My uniforms don’t t me anymore

Did you know that surgical scrubs are bar coded? Any garment that is not returned to WRHA Laundry Operations within 60 days of distribution to the hospital is charged to the Operating Room budget line.

We currently pay out on average close to $1,500 every month for uniforms that are late being returned to laundry or never return to laundry. at results in an annual de cit of over $18,000 that could be used for patient care supplies/ equipment.

In the month of April 2016, we were billed for 243 late/ missing scrubs at a cost of $1,635.54

Surgical top charge is $6.36 each Surgical bottom charge is $7.15 each Please do your part:

• If you work in an area where scrubs are permitted, ensure the garments reach the laundry bag within 30 day timeline (rotating stored garments)

• If you require scrubs for a shi related to damage to your regular uniform, return them ASAP a er use to a scrub laundry bag located in a designated scrub area.

• Scrubs should never leave the hospital site

• If you see someone wearing surgical scrubs that should not be wearing them, ask them why and share this information with them.