FYI… It is a WRHA policy to be smoke free and to protect us from second hand smoke. The employer asking you to take a patient out to smoke is a no no… That is against their own policy. You have the right to refuse. It is not good for your health.

POLICY REGIONALApplicable to all WRHA governed sites and facilities (including hospitals and personal care homes), and all funded hospitals and personal care homes. All other funded entities are excluded unless set out within a particular Service Purchase Agreement. Level: 1 Policy Name:SMOKE-FREE Policy Number:10.00.010 Page1 of 2 Approval Signature:Original signed by A. Wilgosh Section:Governance & General Administration Date:November 2014 Supercedes:May 2011 1.0 PURPOSE:1.1 To protect patients, residents, clients, staff, physicians, contractors, students/trainees, volunteers and the general public from the harmful effects of exposure to secondhand smoke.1.2 To improve health and well-being, and to prevent tobacco-related illness, through a comprehensive tobacco reduction strategy.1.3 To demonstrate policy leadership in the area of disease prevention and health promotion.1.4 To value staff by ensuring healthier smoke-free work environments.1.5 To respect and support the traditional use of sacred tobacco and medicines within Aboriginal healing ceremonies occurring within health facilities.1.6 For the purposes of this policy Secondhand smoke shall include the vapour emitted from electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), therefore e-cigarettes are subject to the same restrictions as tobacco products.2.0 DEFINITIONS:Secondhand smoke is defined as the smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, cigar or pipeand the smoke exhaled during smoking.Worksite is defined as any building, portion of a building or other location used as a place of work by one or more Winnipeg Regional Health Authority staff including a client’s home for the hour before and the duration of the time staff or physicians are in attendance in the home.Smoking Cessation Interventions are defined as a range of resources available and/or services provided to assist individuals who smoke to consider or act to reduce, temporarily abstain from, or quit smoking. It may include, but is not limited to, offering information, access to a phone help line, group program, individual, family or group counseling, brief intervention counseling, motivational interviewing, or smoking cessation medication.
POLICY:3.1 The WRHA shall provide smoke-free indoor air for patients, residents, clients, staff, contractors, physicians, students/trainees, volunteers, and visitors throughout all facilities, premises and worksites. No one shall smoke in any part of a facility, premise or worksite.3.2 Exemptions may be granted by the WRHA Senior Management for inpatients or residents only. These exemptions would be granted provided that an enclosed, adequately and separately ventilated smoking room that, at a minimum, meets requirements for new building under the regulations of the Non-Smokers Health Protection Act, that shall protect others from exposure to secondhand smoke, and would be limited to the following settings: Palliative care and hospice; Personal care homes; and Other extenuating circumstances approved by the WRHA SeniorManagement.3.3 Aboriginal healing ceremonies, including those that may involve the use of sacred medicines or sacred tobacco in a manner that produces smoke, shall be respected and supported within WRHA facilities.3.4 The WRHA shall provide smoke-free grounds on all facilities and premises. Where grounds are minimal or non-existent, such that the property line is immediately adjacent or in close proximity to an entranceway to a worksite, there shall be no smoking within a minimum distance of 8 meters of an entranceway, open-able window or building air intake of a worksite.3.5 Management shall be responsible for developing and implementing all procedures necessary to effect the purposes of this policy including, but not limited to, procedures that guide management, staff and security personnel.3.6 The WRHA shall provide preventive and supportive measures to assist patients/residents/clients in adapting to smoke-free environments. Evidence-based Smoking Cessation Interventions shall be provided to WRHA patients/residents/clients who are tobacco users.3.7 The WRHA shall ensure evidence-based smoking cessation measures are available to assist staff and physicians who wish to address their smoking addiction.