General meeting 3/23/16

Thank you for all that showed up to the General meeting.
Myrna report off on the Christmas Party and how it was a great success and they Have picked a date but was going to look into a few different place, before making things set in stone.
Mylene read treasure report.
I want to remind members that we are going to be heading back into bargaining and we need to get the bargaining surveys out.
I have asked if any members wanted to become floor reps do come and speak to me. The job is not a big job but it helps the work place become a better place to work. Some of the task would be, just be a ear for problems that the executive would need to know for your floor. Help hand out the bargaining surveys and hand them back to the executive. Really small jobs. If interested place do ask what you can do.
The surveys are going to be on line so members will get a chance to fill them out that ways too.

The next part of the meeting was election.

Vise-president 2 year Clem Abaya was nominated
Clem was in by acclamation

Health & Safety 2 year Amado Bae Was nominated
Amado was in by acclamation

Secretary 2 year
Andre Mulgada and Mau Bae where both nominated and both members let their name stand.

3 year Trustee Chris Palmer was nominated
Chris was in by acclamation

Congrats to this e that are returning and the new coming.

As for election they will be held on May 9,2016 7am to 7 pm. please

election will take place in the tired class room 12 hours.

Please do come out and vote for who you would like to have as your recording sec.

Meeting adjourned.