FYI 1/7/2016

FYI…Hello all,


We’ve been contacted by the Jury Office regarding some information which would assist their office in determining whether individuals who work for us ought to be excluded from jury duty. The Courts, as a matter of course, do not require people to sit on juries if it would cause a hardship financially. However, if their wages are covered while they are on jury duty, a hardship is not created. The jury office would like our assistance in providing written confirmation of whether an employee’s wages are covered if summoned for jury duty and required to sit on a jury. All of our collective agreements stipulate payment for the leave as does our employee handbook for non-union employees. 


Please note that this does not change our previous direction to not provide letters for employees asking them to be excluded because they are needed at work. This new practice is simply to provide the jury office with information regarding pay.


As such, if you are informed that an employee has been summoned for jury duty, please contact HR for a letter that will indicate that they are entitled to pay for attendance for jury duty. The employee should then forward the letter to the jury office by fax or mail or alternately bring it with them on the day they are summoned. The fax and mailing address will be on the jury summons.


Please let me know if you have questions or require further information.


Thanks for your assistance.