Welcome to CUPE 1599



Message from your President
It gives me great pleasure to be the president of your union. I know from past President that this job comes with many challenges. I feel I have some big shoes to fill but I am ready to take on these challenges. I feel with the support of the executive team and Cupe Manitoba at my side, we are going to be able to deal with problems that may come our way. I may not always have all the answer but I will do my best to find the answer and get back to you.Sometimes the answers I have, may not be the answers you want to hear. This being said I do promise they will be honest answers. I want you the members of local 1599 to feel like you can come and talk to your local executive team. Any concerns you might have, big or small I do want to hear about them. This is how we can try and make working at the Grace a better place for you.
I want to start, CUPE is In days. Once a month, I would like to set up, in a location in the hospital, where members can stop by visit with executive ask question, voice concerns. I feel we really need to hear more from the members what we as executives can do for you. I also want members to know what is going on In the local. Please Don’t misunderstand the,Cupe is in day. You do not have to wait for that 1 day to speak to any of the executive. There are many of ways you can speak to us. You can call the Cupe office phone @ 204 837-0379 leave a message. There is nobody that sits all day in that office.Please do give details as to whom you would like to call you back. That line is checked once a day. If it is something that needs to be dealt with right away, and it can not wait.Please have me paged. I work on 5 north but please be mindful that I also work for the Grace hospital, I have a email address you can send me a message @ Debbielocal1599@gmail.com
Another thing I’d like is,I want members to know what is going on in the local . We have the union boards in hospital and Facebook page and cupe webpage www.1599.cupe.ca Some members feel this is not enough. I would love to set up a email data base for when important message need to get out.If anybody else has other ways they would like to hear about the local happenings,please do let me know.
These are a few things I would like to start with as your New President of your local.
I will do my best as your President, to achieve what is best for all local 1599 union members. Also I want to make sure the employer stay true to act fairly, in good faith and in a manner consistent with the terms of the collective Agreement.
In Solidarity
Debbie Boissonneault
Local 1599